Grace Ministers in Haiti

Please pray for Grace Church’s team of 7 headed to Haiti this Saturday. They will spend the week alongside Haitian brothers and sisters at a church in Cap Haitian, building a wall to protect the building from extreme weather. As we receive updates from the team, we will post them here, so please check back!

Prayer requests:

–          Safety, good health, and quick adjustment between countries

–          Team unity

–          Relationship-building while working alongside Haitian brothers & sisters

–          Effective evangelism and discipleship in Cap Haitian

Whose Birthday is it Anyway?

There’s been a growing trend to re-think Christmas in the past several years…and it’s about time! We’ve commercialized Christmas to be about anything BUT our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ! I’m not suggesting that we need to throw out EVERYTHING about our culture at Christmas, but I DO challenge you to consider re-thinking your celebration this year.

Here’s one way: Consider “alternative gift giving” this year. Bless someone in another part of the world, in honor of your loved ones. There are many organizations who offer these opportunities. In case you’re not familiar with any, here’s a local one.

Lancaster Alternative Gift Fair: 

This year’s gift fair is Saturday, November 23. Check it out!

All Aboard!

ImageRecently, you’ve heard about the term “human trafficking” at Grace. We tend to think that this is an issue thousands of miles from home, but sadly, it exists in our own back yard. Do you have a heart to be involved in rescuing people from human trafficking right here in Lancaster County? Here’s your opportunity. Check out

They have a fund-raising event coming up on November 7 where you will have the opportunity to hear all about what they do!


Welcome to Engage Through Grace! We are hoping that this blog serves as a place to inspire ideas, connect you to opportunities, and generally encourage you to be active in your faith! Here we will introduce you to our missions partners, so that you can support them through prayer. We will post stories of compassion and practical ways that you can help. We will post events that you can be a part of in our community, to be salt and light in your backyard. And much more. Please stop by often!

“Faith without works, is dead” (James 2:17)

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