Truth Matters

One of our priorities as a church during this year is to help equip young people in the area of apologetics – how to defend their faith. This past weekend, several people from Grace Church, including a few of our young people, were able to attend a “Truth Matters” youth conference at the Manheim BIC church. They had the opportunity to hear from many speakers on topics related to apologetics, including Sean McDowell, who has also spoken at Momentum youth conference. Here’s what a three of our young people said about their experience:

I realized that outside of my Christian bubble, there is a world full of people who are skeptical of the Bible and Christianity as a whole. Banal Sunday school answers and bible verses aren’t enough. I need to educate myself so I can have conversations with skeptics and be able to provide answers to the tough questions, but to do so in a loving and respectful way.

First of all everything was completely and totally fantastic. The main thing I learned is that apologetics is essential. You can have a huge heart for Jesus but not a mind. You have to know why you believe what you believe. Also, you can’t defend the Bible with the Bible. One of the most practical things I learned was that the best way to share your faith is to just ask questions. Ask others what they believe and really listen. If you listen to them they’ll be far more willing to listen to you. And lastly I’d just like to say that Sean Mcdowell is awesome…

‘Two things that I took away from the truth matters event: One, how you debate matters just as much as what you debate. You still have to be loving. Two, while I knew that science supports the faith, I had no clue how much science supports creationism and intelligent design and how much trouble it gives to an evolutionist or atheist. Science is definitely a Christian’s best friend.’

Please pray for our young people to continue to develop their minds around God’s Truth! Also, be in prayer for our youth and young adult retreat which will focus on apologetics topics in February, 2014.