Happy Birthday Jesus

birthday giftMany years ago, Grace Church’s founding Pastor, Dr. Jerry Young, challenged the congregation to re-consider the meaning of Christmas, as our culture continued to steal the significance of the holiday. As a pro-active response, the Birthday Gift for Jesus was developed to promote a renewed focus on honoring Jesus and celebrating his birth. As with any birthday gift, our missions team has sought to keep the focus of this on something really special to the heart of the gift-receiver, Jesus. Through the years this gift has impacted Navajo tribes in North America, hundreds of orphans in the Central African Republic, remote communities of the poor in Cambodia, and ministries in Philadelphia and Haiti – all in the name of Jesus Christ!

This year’s Birthday Gift for Jesus will be given, in its entirety, to compassion ministries. Another unique twist is that this year’s gift will be split in half – 50% will go to global compassion projects, and 50% will go to local compassion projects!  During the next few weeks, we will be posting more about the partnerships and projects that will benefit from these gifts.

We encourage you to give generously! Gifts will be accepted throughout the month of December!