Global Compassion: Thailand

IMG_1384A portion of the gift will support G.R.O.W. (Grace Refuge Outreach Worldwide) whose mission is  “…to rescue at-risk children and youth by supporting, educating, and providing them with a safe place to live, grow, and learn about Christ”. A team of Grace Church leaders had the opportunity to visit G.R.O.W. this summer in Chiang Mai, Thailand, and many Grace Church attenders had the opportunity to meet the Executive Director, Faa, when she was here to visit this Fall. We are excited about this budding partnership.

G.R.O.W.’s current home houses 9 children, but they are working on developing a new property with the hopes of eventually caring for 80 children and teens who need rescued from the evils of this world. Our gift will go toward that development. We are excited about the future of our partnership with G.R.O.W. that will include short-term trips to visit and minister in Northern Thailand. Please spend some time learning more about the ministry here: (insert link: ) and praying for the G.R.O.W. ministry.

Please read the following written by Pastor Ivanildo Trindade:

Ghost No More – the story of G.R.O.W.’s “Baby”IMG_1417

One of the youngest girls in the G.R.O.W. home came to us when she was three. When our country director, Faa, found this girl, everyone in the village thought she was mentally ill. No one paid any attention to her but the good news is that her aging grandparents knew better. They lobbied for her come to the G.R.O.W. home. Well, she did come and after a few months, the little girl that once seemed like a ghost was beginning to crawl out of her scared little self and slowly emerge as a fun, caring, and smart girl, the “baby” of the G.R.O.W. home.This child lost her mother shortly after birth and no one knew where her father 

was. She was supposed to be cared by her grandparents but they were too old and sickly to be able to do anything. So she was left to roam the dirty roads in her village, a mute, deaf, and stupid child wanderer. Or so they thought…

After one year she returned to her village. Everyone came out to see her. No one believed it could possibly be the same girl, as they kept poking her and asking if she was indeed the same person. On Sunday, she went to church, came forward and said she wanted to sing a song. Everyone was astounded. At the end, more people came out to see her. When they asked her how come she was so different, without hesitation, she said, “Sister Faa told me I can do anything through Jesus.”

IMG_1412Four years later, this girl has learned to speak Thai and has turned into a very disciplined student with a capacity to concentrate and pay attention to details that very few children her age possess. This year, she was honored by the Thai government as the number one student in her grade for the entire district. By God’s grace, He is continuing the restoration in the life of this little one who was once considered less than human. We praise God and feel strongly motivated to continue our vision to transform the village through the child. This child’s story allows us to dream of many more who have yet to be rescued. Thanks for your prayers and financial support.

faa 2

Money will be collected for the “Birthday Gift for Jesus” throughout the month of December.  Please make sure cash gifts or checks to “Grace Church” are marked for this project, or if you prefer click here to give online.