Local Compassion: Love INC


We’re excited about our evolving partnership with Love INC (Love, In the Name of Christ) who will receive a portion of our local compassion dollars from the Birthday Gift for Jesus this year. Love INC is a network of more than 165 Lancaster County churches from 24 denominations who are working together to address community needs. Their mission is “To mobilize the Church to transform lives and communities in the name of Christ”. Our gift will go towards their “Homes of Hope” project in Lititz, which offers individuals/families on the verge of homelessness 6 months of graduated help with rent, budget coaching, and personal mentoring.



Sue Weaver is a Grace Church staff member who volunteers with Love INC and said the following
‘As this holiday season began a mother and father with four daughters were facing eviction from their home here in Lititz. Our partnership with Homes of Hope is making a huge difference right now to these six neighbors!’

Click here to learn more about Love INC and their “Homes of Hope” project.

Money will be collected for the “Birthday Gift for Jesus” throughout the month of December.  Please make sure cash gifts or checks to “Grace Church” are marked for this project, or if you prefer click here to give online.