Sharing Christ’s Love In a Tangible Way

During the past few weeks, people from Grace Church have been part of “Grace Giving” – delivering meals to our neighbors in Lititz who are in need this Christmas season. We always hear reports that this is such a meaningful opportunity. Here’s one story:

We did this a few years ago and really enjoyed helping the family we were assigned.  It’s a great way to share Christ’s love inmealvery quiet but tangible way.  I remember when the kids were small and John lost his job.  I was a stay-at-home mom so John’s income was it.  One week after paying bills I looked at the checkbook and we had $2.50 for groceries for a family of 5. God took care of us and we were never late with our bills and he used others to help us.  Our Sunday school class at a church we attended in Paradise surprised us one Sunday with a lot of bags of groceries in our Sunday school room and a packed church refrigerator.  I was stunned that people would actually do this for us.  One day bags of groceries were left on our deck, on another day a $100.00 bill in our mailbox, and we received a $100.00 in gift cards to Lionel Kiddy City (it was Christmas time) to buy gifts for the kids that came in the mail.  So for me, it is rather personal.  I knew God would take care of us back then and I am so glad to now be in a better position that I can now do for someone else what so many had done for us. 

The family was a mother with two young daughters and it was fun meeting them and chatting with them for a few minutes.  We invited them to church and also left a few of our cards with them so that they know the time of our services.  I told them a big church can be intimidating so if they ever wanted to come, to go to the information desk and ask for John and Jerri and we would be happy to meet them.  Who knows, maybe one day they will come!  The mother works at McDonald’s in Lititz and I told her that I would be in for a Shamrock Shake when they come out.  Maybe I’ll see her then.

 John & Jerri Pickel

 What about you? How are you reaching your neighbors in need? How are you loving others in the name of Jesus in tangible ways? Don’t miss the opportunities that are all around you.