Change the World in 2014


Do you believe in the power of prayer? Does God really hear and respond to our cries to Him? You have the power to impact the nations – through prayer! Check out the “Global Prayer Walk” sponsored by Encompass World Partners here (link: You can visit their website daily, or sign up for a daily email of specific requests from different parts of the world. This unique tour of the nations includes 73 stops, so if you stick to it, you can pray around the globe 5 times in 2014.

Last year, a group of friends from Grace Church prayed through a 73-day cycle together, and decided to have some fun with it. They met several times throughout the prayer walk to enjoy international meals, including a home-cooked French meal, and a stop at an Asian restaurant. Throughout the cycle, they also kept in touch by email when they had thoughts to share about particular prayer points. One participant described it as “a really fun and encouraging way to be aware of and pray for what’s going on around the world”!

Could this be a New Year’s Resolution for you? Perhaps your family could pray for a daily request at the dinner table each evening, or as part of the bedtime routine! Don’t miss this opportunity to change the world in 2014!