Perspective Alignment

The Reedy’s are another family who delivered food to a family in Lititz for Christmas. Here’s their story:

image1When we were presented with the opportunity to give a meal to a family at Christmas it was a “no-brainer”.  Of course we would do that.  In fact, my husband and I actually each sign up for a family at different times because we didn’t know the other had already received a family.  We didn’t need to discuss whether we would do it or not.  We both knew we would be glad to donate a meal.  You see, in our family like many others, food and fellowship go hand in hand.  I can’t imagine someone not having a “Christmas Dinner”.  It really speaks to who I am to get to feed someone.

So, we contacted the family and got a list of things they would like.  Ham, potatoes, corn, applesauce, rolls, butter, apple pie etc.  I thought the list was a long one.   We were excited at being able to share the frozen corn and homemade applesauce we had in the freezer.  And sharing some Christmas Cookies we baked was a great idea,  less calories for us to eat.

We bought a ham and some other things.  And I was gathering the supplies on Christmas Eve, I looked in the cupboard and saw aimage box of stuffing mix I could share.  Oh, and there are some extra boxes of cereal.  Let’s see what else I have in here.  Oh, some toaster strudel and english muffins in the freezer.   And we have beef from the cow we got this fall.

The pictures display the food I gathered.  Now you might think that I was feeling pretty good about giving the family more than a Christmas dinner.  Not at all.  In fact I was feeling pretty disgusted.  I gathered most of this food out of our excess.  Wow, all of that is excess.  And I have plenty more excess, not just food but other things.  And then I wonder why my children are asking for a toy at Target 2 days before Christmas when we had to get some last minute things.  They are used to the excess.  How far have we come from the day Jesus entered this world with NO excess.  There wasn’t even an excess room at the inn for him to be born.

So, I sit here after delivering the food not feeling like I did a great thing.  Or even sacrificed to give.  But examining the excess that surrounds me.  Not what I thought I would be feeling.  But glad that I am feeling it.  It was an EASY way to bless someone, and in turn I get the blessing of seeing how fortunate I am.  And also by being committed to not only give out of my excess, but also examine where I can sacrifice something in order to have more to give.

What a challenging thought? Are you living in excess? Is your giving sacrificial? Or is it simply out of your abundance? Take a moment to reflect on Jesus’ words in Luke 21:1-4.