Willing to Obey – With or Without Reward

Here’s another great story of a family from Grace who gave in the name of Jesus this Christmas:

my feetMy story is rather uneventful.  That Sunday when there was a table in the lobby for people to sign up to take a meal, I found myself standing in front of it. Not because that was something I really wanted to do, but mostly because Jesus was in charge of my steps and I ended up there.  At the time a volunteer at the table told me there weren’t any more names to give out but if I wanted to put my name on the list, I may get one sent to me.  So, I did.  I really just want to give!  I want to give because there have been many times when people have given to me or my family.  My heart is just full of what else can I do to help someone else.

Last year this time, I took on a second job to help pay bills and food. We had a completely overwhelming year and debt was staring us hard in the face.  Many people came to our aid over the years when we needed it and here we had found ourselves there again.  It was quite humbling to be cleaning the church and school I worshipped and worked in.  But I really felt God had once again provided when we had a need.  That’s all I was doing by bringing a meal, providing for a need someone else had.  God needed my obedience when there was a need.  I could do that.

I then received an email letting me know of a family that I could bring a meal to.  I made a couple phone calls and left a couple messages letting them know that I was going to be dropping a meal at their doorstep on Saturday, Dec. 21st. When Saturday came I loaded up the food in a box and a couple bags and drove to their doorstep, like I had promised.  My feet once again went where Jesus was pushing them to go.  It brought me to the small cluttered porch where I left the box of food (No one answered the door- I totally get that).  As I was driving away, I phoned once more to let them know I left the meal in front of the door.  This time a woman answered and thanked me.  I just told her “that it was a privilege for me to do for others in a way that someone had done for us.  I have learned that God provides!”.  He has provided for me and my family in many ways.  I still ask for his provision in many ways that I can’t do for myself and each time he shows me his faithfulness!

What is God asking you to do? Are you looking and listening for his voice in your life? Are you willing to obey – even when there isn’t a glamorous reward in the end? Is the joy of obeying “enough” for you? Check out what God says about our obedience in I John 5.