Haiti Exploratory Trip

This Sunday night, Pastor Doug and Steve (a member of our missions team) will begin their journey to Haiti, for a week of exploratory work.

Haiti, which occupies part of the island of Hispaniola, is a nation of 10 million people, and is the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere. 80% of the population lives on less than $2/day – and 54% live on just $1.25/day. This cycle of poverty results in high infant mortality rates, illiteracy and lack of marketable skills, and unemployment, among many other cultural challenges.

Grace Church has been involved in Haiti for several years, including sending many short-term teams to do building projects, and VBS programs. Our church has been engaged with several different ministries and churches, mostly in the Cap Haitian region in Northern Haiti.

The purpose of this particular trip is to consider our future involvement in Haiti. As we visit with several pastors, orphan program directors, and other organizational leaders, we hope to develop a clear strategy for Grace Church’s continued partnerships there. We will spend half of the week in Cap Haitian, and half in the Port-au-Prince area, and will be moving non-stop to squeeze in many meetings and conversations.

Here are a few specific prayer requests:

– Safety and good health in travel

– Clear direction on future involvement

– That we are an encouragement to the orphans, pastors, and ministries we visit

– For our families at home while we are away

Be sure to check back here – we hope to post a few updates and photos throughout the week.