Helping our friends in the Central African Republic

Do you know that there 10 times the number of Grace Churches (about 2,500) in the Central African Republic (which is smaller than the state of Texas) as there are in the entire US (about 250)? Grace Church and Lititz Christian partner with 4 schools of orphans (about 200 children), and many Grace Church attenders have individuals sponsored orphans in the capital of Bangui. OUR brothers and sisters, OUR children, are facing a crisis in the midst of political instability and tensions.

Here are some recent stats from Encompass World Partners:

– There are over 1 million people who are displaced.

– 60% of the population of Bangui is sleeping in refugee camps.

– Food is in short supply.  It is estimated that 65% of the population is experiencing severe food shortages.

– Over 1000 people were killed last month in Bangui alone.

The Grace Church Missions Team is urging you to get educated, and to get involved in solutions! WE can help! Encompass World Partners has announced that Barb Wooler (a good friend of Grace Church) will be spear-heading relief efforts in the Central African Republic. She will be looking to coordinate the distribution of 1 million pounds of food to those who need it most, through our partners in Africa.

First, read about the efforts here:

Next, commit to participating in the International Day of Solidarity on Monday, January 20, praying for peace and provisions for the people in C.A.R. More information here:

Thank you for your support – stay tuned for updates!

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