Haiti Update: Day 3

This morning, before heading to the airport to return to Port-au-Prince, we visited another “friend” – the church at Petit Anse. This church has been known as the “green slime” church to many who have visited from Grace Church, as there was a large pool of the stuff preventing children from getting to the bathroom building at the back of the property. Our church has been involved in solutions to that problem, as well as helping to secure a more reasonable roof situation.

I’m again impressed by the commitment of this church to its mission. They hold services 5 days a week and Pastor November is utilizing young men to help teach and lead services. There are 7 classes of children being taught in their one-room building each day, and as is typical, several teacher working for no pay. When asked what their biggest challenge is, they said it’s the children often don’t come to school because they are too hungry. They desire to care for all the needs of the children in their community  – both physical and spiritual. It has become our practice to pray with all these leaders – we pray in English, then they pray in French or Creole. What a great picture of our partnership in the shared mission we have to reach people with the life-altering, eternity-transforming story of who Jesus is.

We took our adventure flight (“this ain’t your mamma’s commercial airplane”) back to Port-au-Prince and were greeted by Pastor Poyis, who is a Haitian leader with CONNECT 2 ministries. CONNECT 2 is involved in a number of different things in Haiti, including partnering with Caribbean Vision Ministries (CVM) to run the House of Hope Orphanage that we visited in Cap Haitian yesterday. In Port-au-Prince, they are currently helping to re-build churches that were destroyed by the earthquake. Today we spent several hours winding through the rocky hills of the capital to visit a few of these churches. They are beacons of Light in the midst of tent-cities. Yes, tent-cities that are still packed with people since the earthquake. Poverty is visible all around us.

Another project that CONNECT 2 is involved in is an orphanage for disabled children. Picture a child being born with a disability, and simply discarded. That’s what would have happened to the 21 children we saw today. But instead, the hospital calls a woman with gumption, Marie, who lovingly welcomes them to her home, to show them love, to care for them, and to give them the dignity they deserve, as God’s beloved children. Oh, my heart! This is a thankless ministry. It is a hard ministry. And I believe it is so, SO significant to the heart of Jesus! Please pray for this home! CONNECT 2 does several other things – but this post is getting long.

This evening we drove 40 minutes North of Port-au-Prince to the Haiti base for CPR-3. Google them! We spent the evening hearing about their ministry from their staff here, and will visit several communities being impacted by their U.S.-Haiti church partnerships tomorrow morning.

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