Haiti Update: Day 4 (Thursday)






Thanks for your continued prayers and interest in our trip. This has definitely been a successful week, learning about Haiti, our current relationships here, the needs and opportunities throughout the country, and what some other organizations are doing to meet those needs. As mentioned, there is no shortage of needs here – so we are really seeking God’s clear leading in how He wants “us” to be involved here in the future. Please continue to pray for our missions team as we work through these things.

Today we spent the morning with CPR-3, learning about Moringa (google it! or check out cpr-3.com), and visiting a few of the Haitian churches that are currently partnered with North American churches. We also learned about their structure for short-term teams who are visiting Haiti. We had a wonderful Haitian meal for lunch before heading to our final destination, Mission of Hope.

Mission of Hope is a large-scale organization doing many projects in Haiti, particularly focusing on developing churches and their surrounding communities, mobilizing North American churches to help, etc. They have an orphanage, a medical clinic, a church, guest houses (for 300+ short-term team members at a time), a school, etc. Because of their size, they have mastered the management of large-scale projects, including the distribution of 85,000 meals EVERY WEEK DAY in Haiti. I’m only scratching the surface – but if there’s a particular aspect of ministry you’re interested in, there’s a chance they do it! They also offer internships throughout the year for people wanting to serve for a few months at a time.

Our time has come to a close here. After a final night under the mosquito net, we will eat breakfast and head to the airport for our trip home. Again, thank you for your prayers for us. It’s been an amazing week and we have so much to process. We want to see the gospel of Jesus Christ transform Haiti. Journey with us!