Care 2 Share? FUN, EASY, AMAZING opportunity!!!

Think about this: we just started a new series at Grace Church (click here) called “Care 2 Share”. If you’ve been here, you know what it’s about. If not, you should totally join us this Sunday and find out.

We typically think of “going” somewhere to share the love that Jesus has given us to share. But we live in America – an amazing country where people from all over the world come to visit – and some to stay! The nations are all around us if we just look around our neighborhoods. AND, here’s an opportunity to invite “the nations” INTO YOUR HOME!

Horizons Du Monde is a foreign exchange program for French students, ages 16-18. These students need a place to stay, from April 15-22. That’s right, over Easter! The students will be busy all day with their program, but need a place to grab dinner and sleep each evening. In addition, they will join your family for weekend activities. They’re here to learn about American culture. Did I mention that it’s over EASTER?! Can you think of a better time to share your family’s “culture” with someone from another culture? Do you CARE 2 SHARE?

Students speak English – so don’t stress about the language barrier. If you’re interested, please contact Vicki through one of the following channels:

Phone: 717-917-8119 or 717-382-0330 or EMAIL