SALT in Lititz

Our Grace Church SALT team was out and about at 2nd Friday, handing out free hot chocolate and inviting people to Grace Church’s upcoming egg hunt and Easter services! Here are some fun facts and photos:

  • The team had 3 hot chocolate stands
  • Handed out 300+ cups of hot chocolate
  • Passed out 125 invitations to the Egg Hunt and Easter at Grace
  • Had 100’s of conversations with people
  • Had 13 volunteers – 4 who had never served with SALT before
  • Prayed with 1 couple
  • And had 1 disastrous and hilarious leak on one of cocoa-coolers that has been described as a scene right out of “I Love Lucy”!

Our SALT team leader, Peter S. said “It really was a great night – we had an opportunity to touch more people at this event than any of the others. ”

Way to go SALT! Thank you for being Salt and Light to our community – and for being an example for each of us!

Think about it:

What local events are you planning to be a part of this week or this month? How can you turn your attendance into something more than just showing up? Inviting people to Easter events at Grace is an easy way to strike up a conversation!