Salamat Po – Thank you!

Cydney Vance has grown up in the ministry of Grace Church, as well as in it’s backyard. Cydney attended Lititz Christian School for some time, but would eventually graduate from Warwick High School. After graduation, Cydney headed to Liberty University, where she is currently studying Psychology. In the beginning of the year, she had an incredible opportunity to go on a missions trip to the Philippines with Light Ministries (a partner of Liberty University). Below is a “thank you” letter from Cydney in response for the support Grace Church gave towards the trip in order to enable her to serve Christ in this way.

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Dear Grace Church,

            Thank you for all your support throughout my time raising money and sharing Christ’s love in the Philippines. While in the Philippines, our team was able to help in various ministries. One of the ministries we participated in was Kids Jam, where we were separated into four teams to help do a fun Bible lesson for the kids in various locations of the city of Manila. While at these locations we sang, played games, and helped hand out snacks. It was a time of fun and perfect way to share God’s love.

            While in the Philippines our team traveled to the Island of Bantayan, a province of Cebu, which was extremely impacted by the typhoon that hit the Philippines in early November 2013. While there we attended a church service where Dr. Wheeler (My Team Leader) spoke about God being there through the struggles of life. Also, on the island we were able to help at a feeding center where many of my teammates and I led games, songs, and Bible stories for the children and some teens there. My favorite part of the island though was the time our team spent helping rebuild the church, literally. The typhoon that hit the island completely destroyed the building, but used our team to build the new church for the congregation. I was able to help lay bricks and put cement down for the wall. Some of the team cut down trees for a new garden being planted and painted walls within the current church building.

            The third location we traveled to way Iba, Zambales where there was a camp. This 24 hour camp was a daily event where up to 1,500 students from ages 13 to 25 come for a possibly life changing experience. At the camp each student has the opportunity to hear the gospel, accept Christ, be counseled, be baptized, and be discipled. While we were there, we assisted in counseling and sharing the gospel with teens. Personally, I was able to share the gospel with 12 girls and had 10 of them make decisions for Christ. Overall, in that one night approximately 500 students came to Christ! In the morning, following a night of rest, students had the opportunity to be baptized. This was my favorite part because while the guys on our team baptized, along with our ordained leaders, I prayed for the students as they stepped into their new life. Overall, 200 students were baptized and many students wanted discipleship. God is so good! Thank you again for all your prayer and support. Through you God accomplished and is still accomplishing his mighty works.

In Christ,

Cydney Vance

cydney vance