God Heard my Cry

Grace Church recently had the opportunity to help another friend in the Central African Republic. We have a missions budget that guides how we spend most of our missions dollars each year, but we also budget a little money to “respond” to needs that arise – needs that we believe God has in mind for us to meet. We recently had one such opportunity.

The following was written by Encompass missionary, Jacquie Jensen:

Julien is a friend of ours in Bangui, CAR who worked sometimes at the mission station as a night guard.  When we were “grounded” at the station during the Coup d’etat, these guards stayed with us for several days 24 hours/day as none of our other guards could come into work because of shooting and mortars.  We met to pray together every evening.  Julien knelt at times to pray asking God to forgive him for worrying.  I asked him to pray for my mom who was very worried about our safety & he prayed a beautiful prayer for my mom.  He is a special, hardworking man who loves God and His Word.  Julien has several little children, and helps several of his siblings. He attends our Ngoumboutou Grace Brethren Church in Bangui.   He has been sick for some months but had managed to make the mud bricks himself to build a new house & scrape together enough money for the metal roof but the roof was stolen before the house was finished.  And without the roof, the mud bricks would ruin in the rain so he would have to make them all over again.  

 Grace Church provided money to pay for the stolen roof. Jacquie continued:

I can imagine Julien is saying at this moment:  “Nzapa ama toto ti mbi awe na Lo to ye so amanque mbi.  Mbi ye to mu merci mingi na Lo. Mbi ti sala ye so a mu gloire na Lo”  (Sango for: God heard my cry and He sent what I needed.  I give many thanks to God.  I want to give Him the glory.)

An example of a mud brick home with tin roof in the Central African Republic.

 Thank you, Grace Church, for being a caring and compassionate church, demonstrating the love of Jesus to the far reaches of the globe!