Engaging Through Compassion: Congratulations Weavers!

A few Grace Church ministry leaders, a Grace Church elder, and several Grace Church families filled Courtroom # 6 at the Lancaster County Courthouse Thursday morning to witness the adoption proceedings for Jayden! Jayden has been living with the Weaver family as a foster child since his birth, but is now (officially) a part of the Weaver’s forever family. Grace Church has a large number of families who have been called to the ministries of foster care and adoption, and we love to celebrate these families as they say “yes” to God’s voice. Though building families is filled with joy and blessing, it also requires sacrifice. There are many who have counted the cost and agreed that it is totally worth it!

Weaver adoption

A highlight from the proceedings was when the judge asked the Weaver’s daughter what she thought of her little brother (referring to Jayden). Her response: “He’s pretty heavy”! Laughter filled the courtroom – not just in response to her joke, but in an overflow of joy for this beautiful family!

Not every family is called to foster or adopt, but Grace Church wants to support those who are in any way possible. If you have any questions about foster care or adoption, or desire to get connected to people who have been through the process, please contact Pastor Doug HERE. If you’d like to give to our special fund that helps families who are fostering and adopting you can mark gifts to Grace Church “adoption fund” at any time.

Please take a moment to thank God for the mosaic of forever families at Grace Church, and to pray that He will call each of us to tangibly serve the children of the world who need our help the most!