Grace Church, as well as many individuals and families, partnered with other churches all over the world to provide 1,000,000 POUNDS OF FOOD for our friends in the Central African Republic! As you have read in previous posts, there has been an ongoing political crisis in the CAR, which has led to devastating shortages of resources and disruption of distribution. But in the name of Jesus, we banded together, got to work, and food is being distributed right now!

CAR food relief 3 CAR food relief 4

 Grace Church’s gift went to people in the PH-C network – orphans and their extended families. A woman named Marie-Claire and a team of widows distributed peanuts, beans, rice, sardines, and cooking oil to 1275 families! There are also several other distribution sites, mostly at churches throughout the suffering nation.

CAR food relief CAR food relief 2

 Take a moment to celebrate God’s goodness, and to pray for continued relief for our friends in the CAR!

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