Reaching the Nations

Have you ever done a study of the word “nations” in the Bible? It would be a worthy investment of your time, because Scripture is clear that God’s purpose on earth, through the Church (that’s us), is to reach the nations! For the past few centuries, the Church has really focused on reaching the nations (or people groups) by sending missionaries to foreign soil. But with the advancement of technology and transportation, the nations are moving! On top of that, we live in America, a place where the “nations” are welcomed and celebrated! We live in a country where practically every country on earth is represented. The nations are coming to us – and the nations are in our neighborhoods! We have the opportunity to reach the nations every day.

Recently, several Grace Church families took advantage of a short-term opportunity to bless and reach the nations. A group of French high school students as well as their teachers were in our area for 10 days over the Easter holiday. 4 of these individuals celebrated the most important Christian holiday with us at Grace Church this past Sunday as part of their American cultural experience! Imagine what God might do in their hearts, their families, their neighborhoods, their schools, their countries because of their exposure to Truth on a short visit to the U.S. Imagine how the Christian hospitality of a Grace Church family could impact these people for eternity!

French host Tina&teacher  French host Dorene&ClaraFrench host Stork family

You see, we have something that many of the “nations” want – our language. Many come to the United States for a year – a place where they are welcome – for the opportunity to learn English. So, what are you doing to reach the nations? Do you have some extra space in your home and in your heart? If so, consider the opportunity below. Or, skip down to the fun facts and photos below to be inspired! Take a moment to pray that the Church will be effective at reaching the nations for Christ!

Doug, Clara, and Jeremiah
Doug, Clara, and Jeremiah

OPPORTUNITY – Short-Term Hosting Opportunity

American Homelife is seeking host families for Spanish High School boys and girls from June 27-July 25. Students will be placed individually and do not need their own bedroom. They will attend daily ESL classes as well as field trips to historical sites. Host families are provided with reimbursement for expenses, a LIFETIME of memories, and the opportunity to impact the world through these guests. For more information, please contact Christi HERE. Commitments are needed by May 10, so please don’t hesitate!

FUN FACT 1: I’m aware of a Japanese exchange student, a Japanese adult visiting the U.S., an Italian exchange student, and several Brazilian families who were visiting Grace Church on Easter Sunday!

FUN FACT 2: 10 years ago, a Japanese exchange student attended Lititz Christian School, came to know Jesus personally, went home and became a teacher in a Christian school in Japan. Less than 1% of Japanese people are Christians!

FUN FACT 3: Lititz Christian School has a partnership with schools in Asia and welcomes foreign exchange students every year! 4 new students arrived just a few weeks ago!