The Secret is Out

YOU DID IT! Congratulations to the 100+ people who made it through an extra hour of Secret Church ending at 2am! We were so happy to have 120 people total from Grace Church join together with 60,000 others from all 50 states and 70 countries around the world for Secret Church 14 on April 18th. Nearly 200 pages of biblical truth was covered, urging us to consider how the cross of Jesus Christ impacts our daily living, engage in passionate prayer for the nation of Turkey, and worship our amazing God. The Grace Church crowd also gave more than $900 towards the Secret Church offering that will help to support the spread of the gospel in Turkey.

 Grace Church 01

To visit this year’s or previous years’ simulcasts of Secret Church, click HERE. To learn more about the Turkey prayer initiative, visit Hope for Turkey’s website. A 31-day prayer guide for Turkey is also available at Guest Services.


I so loved the study. I am learning daily as I am using the study book for my daily time in the Word and not only have I been reminded of what was said it has allowed me to go the second mile by pulling things out of the Word that I had never seen before and some questions I need to work through. It reminded me of how very blessed we are to live in a free part of the world in which we can come together as a body of believers to grow in Him, and share with others the gospel without fear of beatings and death, and reminded me and have daily prayed for our brothers and sisters in Christ in a new way. I can’t wait for next year!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for bringing this to us, a job well done!! -Becky