110 Students Make Global Impact

Sherry McConaghay, the principal of the Elementary and Intermediate Schools at Lititz Christian, has a desire to see her students develop a servant’s heart. Each year, the students participate in a few service projects. This past fall about 110 students traveled to GAIN (Global Aid Network), an organization that desires to provide resources and means of sustainability to the world’s most poor. Their distribution center is in Mount Joy and serves as the main hub where materials are received, processed, packed, and shipped.

Lititz Christian students work that day as groups in assembly line formats packing boxes with school supplies for children around the world. These supplies are shipped and distributed to schools where there are children who may not have parents, or parents who cannot afford school supplies.  You can see students making salvation bracelets in pictures below. These bracelets are distributed to another assembly line where LC students placed a salvation bracelet around a small bear before packing the bears into boxes for shipment. The students enjoy this day each year knowing they are spreading the word of Christ to children around the world. They realize they may never meet these children, but their efforts and prayers can make the difference in the quality of the children’s lives when they receive these gifts. They know others care about them and Jesus loves them.


We had the opportunity to go to GAIN. At GAIN you make or work on special things that will be sent to places in need all over the world. Sixth grade and fifth grade made a Christ bracelet. Each bead on the bracelet is a different color. One color represents Jesus Christ’s resurrection. One bead is in the shape of a heart which stands for Jesus’ love. If you go to GAIN it shows how you love those people in need, and God will be pleased. I felt light on my feet because of how good I felt.  -Sixth Grade Boy


My experience from GAIN was very eye opening. It was eye opening because I saw what children in different countries had compared to me. I got to help make care packages for children who weren’t able to go to school. The care packages allowed them to go to school, because those things were the supplies they needed.  -Fifth Grade Girl


Students also had the opportunity to write letters to the children who receive the boxes of school supplies from GAIN. Though the students do not know who will be on the receiving end, they were excited to encourage other kids who live across the world. Here is a letter that will be sent with many others from LC students…

Dear Friend, I like to play football, soccer, baseball, basketball, and golf. I have many friends. At home I have two dogs named Mia and Charlie. Mia is 5 and Charlie is 3. They are both black and love to play outside. I am a Christian and I go to church on Sunday. I believe that Christ saved me from death when I accepted him. I will still die but I will go to Heaven and I believe that he can save you too. All you have to do is pray to him and ask him to come into your life and I will see you in Heaven someday. Heaven will always last forever and there is no sadness or hunger. Psalm 96:6,7 “Come let us bow down in worship, let us kneel before the Lord our maker, for He is our God and we are the people of his pasture, the flock under his care.” That is my favorite passage in the Bible. I love the Bible because it does not lie and is not only good advice, but it has many stories in one book. I pray to God a lot and ask him to help me with my problems and to thank him for all he gives. God is always with you if you accept him into your heart. Please – if you can – write back to me.

The students at Lititz Christian are being taught to serve in tangible ways. They have connected with the team from Grace Church that is going to Haiti this July. Check back soon to find out what they are doing to help kids in Haiti!