Maintenance as a Mission

God has given each of us unique callings – ways that He expects us to be involved in His mission of drawing lost people to Himself. He also equips us uniquely to accomplish our callings. Here’s a story about one man from Grace Church and his call to a new ministry role for the sake of God’s Kingdom.

Tim Weaver

I’ve lived in the Lititz area since 1968. Divorce uprooted the family when I was 7 years old and my mother and siblings eventually found our way to Lititz. Since I did not grow up in a Christian environment, Jesus was not in my vocabulary. As I grew older, I became more independent and found myself skeptical of all authority. I was very untrusting of anyone who displayed a caring attitude towards me.

My mother was fighting her own battles with an alcoholic second husband and one day she challenged me to attend the Grace Brethren church with her. It was there in a message preached by Pastor Young that I understood my need for Jesus. He was the provision not only for my salvation, but for my floundering life. In Him I found security, trust, and love not ever experienced before. 

With Jesus in my heart, I pursued many avenues of interest and found I had skills in repairing equipment. Over the years I became a plumber, water quality treatment technician and HVAC technician. My interest in sharing my faith lead me to GROW and Evangelism Explosion, Sonlife Ministries, and other methods of sharing the good news. I enjoy transitioning conversation to spiritual issues where I often find the opportunity to share Jesus with others. 

These skills and interests have lead me to Camp Conquest. I’ve been on the board of directors for several years and recognize the significance of camp in the life of children and teens. I always dreamed of working at camp full time someday and the opportunity was made available early this year. I found myself seeking employment and the camp in need of a person with my skillset. With much prayer and counsel from many in our church, I knew God was working to take me to Camp Conquest. I was willing to obey the call, but can I become a missionary? So, placing my faith in Him who is able, I took the step forward and accepted the position even though it requires full missionary support.

At camp, my responsibility is listed as Maintenance Coordinator. I will be in charge of volunteers coming to give of their time in maintenance and groundskeeping capacities. I will also maintain air conditioning and heating systems, plumbing and water systems and buildings maintenance.

Pray for me as The Lord prompts. I will have ten plates spinning at all times and will need wisdom to be effective not only with maintenance issues but also with opportunities to impact the guests in a positive way for Jesus.

Donations on my behalf can be submitted online here (select “Missionary Support-Tim Weaver” in drop down box).

Thanks for investing in me at camp!

Check out this VIDEO to learn more about how you can partner with Tim and his new calling! If you’d like more information about Camp Conquest, click here.