Steve Weaver UPDATE – Hello from Hong Kong

Don’t forget to be praying for Steve Weaver the the LBC Philippines Journey Team! Here is a quick update from their travels so far…

steve weaver 1
The team praying together before departing LBC.

May 20th, 2014. 7pm.

Good (evening) Morning from Hong Kong!

Thankfully all 22 team members successfully made it through our very long 16 hour flight from Newark to Hong Kong. We are enjoying a brief layover of stretching, eating, using relatively normal bathrooms, and not being confined to the same area for hours on end.

So far health of the team is well aside from a few uneasy stomachs from flying/airplane food and probably some minor lack of water. We are taking this time to get re-hydrated and ready for the next leg of our trip. From Hong Kong we will fly to Manila and meet up with one of the missionaries there. Once we collect our luggage, we will check in for yet another flight that will take us to a small island called Kalibo. From there we will take a bus ride to the shore, jump on a small boat, and head over to Boracay. Lord willing, we will be at our permanent destination by early evening.

Thank you for all your prayers as we traveled thus far, and we ask that you continue to pray. Specifically be praying for our hearts and attitudes. Often travel has a way of causing us to become self-centered and begin complaining. As we draw closer to Boracay my prayer is that our attitudes will reflect humility, grace, and patience so as to begin our ministry even as we travel.

We are grateful for each of you who have made this trip possible for us and we look forward to sending you another update as soon as we can!

From Hong Kong, Christina, Scott, and the Team!