Seniors in Scotland UPDATE

scotland 1
(Left to Right) Mrs. Anna Urquhart, Keith, Cody, Mr. Lincoln Hokenbrough, Samuel, Ryan, Micah, Mr. Eric Lewis, Anna, Josh, Rachelle, Samuel, Matt, Maria, Alissa, Jenna, Jake

The church we worked with in Invergordon was of the Church of Scotland.  They were a wonderful group of believers who have a heart for the crew members and tourists who’s ships stop in the port and come ashore.  The crew, especially, are a hard-working lot from all over the world.  They are not allowed access to the internet while working on the ship for their 11-month contract, so this church in Invergordon is their first real opportunity to connect with their families back home via the free WiFi service offered.  They also simply befriend these crew members by offering tea and cakes and having a chat.  One of the people I spoke with was Cesar.  He was a chef on the new cruiseliner, the Ruby Princess, which had just docked in Invergordon today. To give you some numbers, the Ruby Princess has over 3,200 passengers and over 1,000 crew members; a virtual town.   He literally had a one-hour break to go ashore before having to go back to work to prepare for the meals.  He was heartbroken sitting there.  He had been on the ship for 8 months and had just received news that his girlfriend back in Mexico had broken up with him.  He was devastated.  We spoke for awhile, but then he said he had to go, so I asked if I could pray for him.  He looked at me stunned.  He asked if I was serious and I said yes, so we prayed.  He was so thankful.  Matt, Josh, Jenna and Rachelle did an excellent job of doing dishes, cleaning and talking to the people.  They met a wonderful young man named Lorne, who is bound to a wheelchair.  Lorne is a local who volunteers regularly at the church and is a solid brother in Christ.  He even gave us a short tour of the downtown area and it’s many beautiful murals. -Eric Lewis

Samuel, Jake, Alissa, Ryan, and I went to Coulhill Primary School where we stood before 200+ elementary students and sang songs about the fruit of the spirit, spoke about American culture and about Lititz Christian School, and explained that we love Jesus and we love the people of Scotland and we’ve come to serve them. The students then taught us a great praise song they had learned. What an enthusiastic bunch! It was a beautiful moment to see our students interacting and singing and doing all sorts of silliness with the kids. From there we went to the community center to paint and mulch. And once school was finished, many of the wee students that had been in the assembly found us working and wanted to continue talking and asking about America. -Anna Urquhart

So, even though we had a number of different teams today separated by proximity, our work was completely aligned with the  one purpose of bringing God the glory through our attitude and actions.  Thank you for your prayers!  They are working!

The seniors will be heading home on Sunday; please continue to pray for effective ministry for the remainder of their trip and safety coming home. For many more pictures and stories, check out the senior trip blog here.