Steve Weaver UPDATE

Safe and sound in Boracay, the LBC Journey team got news that the final amount of funding for the trip had been supplied! Please continue to pray for this team of college students (see specific requests at the end of the letter).

Here is an update from one of the members on Steve’s Philippines team:

After 38 hours of travel on 3 planes, a bus and then finally a boat we finally made it to Boracay. It was such a relief for all of us to be able to take a shower, eat some food, and then go to bed. However, after a great night sleep, we started bright and early so that we could get right to work.

The first thing we did was take a boat to another Island Panay, which is right near Boracay. When we got to the Island we began doing construction on a school they are building. Some were digging, some were painting and some of us were plastering, which was extremely different than American plastering, and extremely frustrating. We worked all morning, and about noon we ate lunch. After lunch we took a break from construction, and went swimming in a nearby creek. After swimming we split up into two different groups, and finally got to head off to the Feeding sites.

The Feeding sights were the thing that everyone was looking forward to the most. At the feeding sites all of us finally got the chance to interact with the kids. The village that my group went too was an indigenous village of people called the Ati people. These people are completely separated from the rest of the people of the Philippines. These people live off the land, even when it comes to medical care. While doing our feeding sights we also did basic medical care, and many of the kids had simple cuts and bug bites that just were not taken care of. So we cleaned out their cuts and put Neosporin on, and covered their wounds, and prayed that they would stay clean long enough to heal. Other than this, we also played with the kids, and got a chance to share a Bible story with the kids.

A few comments from the other feeding sites team. “The Kids are so cute.” Another thing the other team said was they had trouble with was the language barrier. However, once they started singing and acting crazy the kids warmed up, and had a blast. Apparently crazy doesn’t need to be translated.

After we finished up the feeding sites, we headed back to Boracay, and all got a chance to go for a swim, and then to eat dinner. It was an extremely long and tiring day, but we are all grateful for the ministry we were able to, and the relationships we were able to form not only with our team, but also with some of the missionaries.

 Thanks you so much for all your prayer and support, there is no way we could be doing what we were are doing without your prayer. There are a few specific things that you could all pray for. First, some of the team are already sick, and could use a lot of prayer. Second, even after one day everyone is tired, please pray that we rely on the Lord for strength, but also that we know our limits. Again thank you so much for all your prayer, we miss you all, and can’t wait to see you again.

-Paul Fulbright