Here are some brief updates from Marlin and Justin…

Friday, May 23: We looked over the jobs here at the Chateau, went to the supply place, talked to Joel (note: he is Chateau board president) for awhile, did a couple of small repair jobs, and spent some time saying “hi” to everyone on staff here at the Chateau.
Saturday, May 24: Lots got done today.  We took all the tiles off the roof and now we need to clean them up.  I went to the store 2 times today after spending some time measuring everything. I ordered wood and picked up some supplies we’ll need for the roof.

france 6

Sunday, May 25: I picked the team up in Lyon this AM and got back to the Chateau about 1pm.  They have super team members with lots of experience.  I’m afraid they won’t get to enjoy French bread because we’re eating breakfast at 6:30 am and the bakery doesn’t open until 7 — too bad about the French bread and pastries!

Marlin (top left) and Justin (bottom right)
Marlin (top left) and Justin (bottom right)

Memorial Day Monday, May 26: We got the beams for the roof today, and we ordered a mini pele (small backhoe) which was supposed to be delivered this afternoon, but never showed up…will need to check on that tomorrow am. We carried a bunch of tile up to the roof and took the Chateau van to the shop  (it will not start because the starter is shot), so the garage ordered a starter and I’ll need to take it back on Wednesday for the install…In the mean time, we push it to get it started!

france 5france 7

Tuesday May 27: We’ll be working on the roof and hope to get it to the place where we’re able to begin to lay tiles.