Steve Weaver UPDATE

Here’s another update from the Lancaster Bible College Journey team with whom Grace Church’s Steve Weaver is serving:

Good day America! Rachel reporting to you with our last full day on the island. The morning started off on a really good note with everyone actually being on time for breakfast, for once, and a truly amazing testimony from Christy. Put in lots of hard work with a day of construction work with Boss Bong (our construction leader/master) We exceeded expectations in the morning with concrete mixing, by hand, and pouring pillars and of course plastering yet another wall, only this one being quite a vertical challenge. It was awesome to see all the team members coming together and figuring out the best ways they could contribute. EVERYONE was a vital part in today’s construction. There was even a cute little puppy roaming around the site to make us smile and laugh, we might have taken more puppy petting breaks than water breaks!

After we finished the pouring, we came back for a nice lunch break and a cat nap, some of us lucky enough to find a nice cool spot on the floor. After a few moments of being dazed and confused by the wake up call, we were ready to go back for more work. It was a nice wind down of some little things we already mastered such as bending rebar, twisting wires, and plastering a wall.  Many of us found some energy in singing while worked with such classics as Queen, Beauty and the Beast and many worship songs. The community living next door got quite a treat. After we got back to the house, we got to get the cement off of us and headed out to our last feeding site.

The local kids we were playing with on the beach all week was our targeted outreach today. It was so awesome to know most of their names and play games with them. Christy and Dean, led an amazing song session, making every kid smile. Paul got to read the story of how Jesus walked on the water and the kids absorbed it right up. When we got back to our house, we finished our last supper here on the island overlooking yet another beautiful and unbelievable sunset on the ocean. Kody wrapped it up with his testimony, with no doubt making us laugh at points but bringing everything together with a Christ centered message.

 After that, the team parted ways to finish up some shopping (you will see what we bought in no time!) Somehow, most of us still found our way back to De Marios for our last delicious milkshake on the beach. To think that our time here is almost over is so bitter sweet for many. Sad to leave the friendships we have made here, on and off the team, but yet so excited to see our loving friends and family back home. Though we only have a day left here, keep the e-mails coming because they keep our spirits up and we’ll need it over the next two days of traveling!


The Philippines Journey Team

This team has a LOT of travel ahead of them; please keep them in your prayers! Also be praying for this time of transition as it can be hard to merge the lessons they have learned in the Philippines with their everyday life here.