“Cheers”! A wrap-up of the LC Senior Trip to Scotland

If you’ve been visiting often, you were able to read a few updates regarding the Lititz Christian seniors’ missions trip to Scotland a few weeks ago. If you missed the updates, check them out HERE, HERE, HERE, and HERE.

Here are some “final thoughts” about the trip from Mr. Eric Lewis, Spiritual Life Director at Lititz Christian. Please pray for our seniors as they process all they learned and begin the next chapter of their life journey beyond high school.

scotland 2

Life has regained its normalcy as all of us have returned home to our families and friends and the chaperones are back to school.  As I reflect back over the last nine days, here are a few thoughts of things learned:

  1. “The effective prayer of a righteous person can accomplish much.” (James 5:16).  There is NO WAY that we could have scripted the week we had in Scotland.  All of the best planning in the world wouldn’t have topped the plan that God put together for us while in Scotland.  The people we met, the experiences we had all fit together to create a beautiful tapestry of ministry and work for Christ and His kingdom.  
  2. The people of Scotland are beautiful and welcoming and generous.  It is an extraordinary melting pot of different people groups (with a Scottish accent) who each hold a strong opinion about something (especially football and politics) that need Jesus.  Because of the strength of will of the Scottish people to stand alone when necessary, I personally believe that a revival in Scotland will have major ripple effects in many nations.
  3. I need to take more coffee and tea breaks.  We struggled, initially, to embrace the regular coffee and tea breaks afforded to us in Scotland.  We wanted to work, but what we learned was the importance of people and relationship through these tea breaks filled with good conversation.  It was refreshing to be reminded of the need to set aside our agenda and listen to the person across from you.
  4. All of the hard work, fundraising and planning was WORTH IT!
  5. After three senior trips, this class raised the bar of expectation for future classes regarding team unity, work ethic and commitment to serving others.  I will be using Scotland 2014 as a reference for future planning.  This is a testament to Mr. Hokenbrough and Mrs. Urquhart’s excellent leadership and the seniors’ class.  Well done!  You finished well!

Last Friday was graduation… unbelievable.  I pray that you will keep what you have learned on this trip and from your time here at Lititz Christian to move forward in your faith in Christ and help you live more fearlessly for Him.


Mr. Lewis