Two weeks in France: Summary

Marlin Weaver wrote the following reflections on his recent trip to France. He and Justin returned to the U.S. late Thursday night!


Justin Gerhart and I shared two weeks of ministry time in France.  This was a great way for me to bring my home town of Lititz and my adopted town of St Albain together!  Pray that God will use this mission trip not only to encourage those we helped, but to grow us spiritually as well.


I am both joyful and burdened after spending two weeks in France, the country that was home to my family for twenty-four years.  The purpose for this trip was helping the Chateau de St Albain with manual labor  — and our 16 member team accomplished many jobs!  Our two largest projects were the replacement of a part of the Chateau roof including the rafters and roof timbers, and the displacement of the main driveway that leads to the back part of the property.  We also accomplished lots of other small projects.

Chateau de St. Albain, FRANCE
Chateau de St. Albain, FRANCE

 But my greatest joy was to reconnect with friends whom I haven’t seen for about two years.  Being able to pick up where we left off the last time was lots of fun.  We spent hours talking about times spent together and I was able on several occasions to talk with them about the Lord. I would so love to see these friends come to the place where they put their trust in the One who offers salvation, but they’re not there yet…please pray with me for them.


Spending time with the “new” Chateau team was beneficial as well.  I was able to encourage them as they spend some time in discouraging places.  I am beginning to see how I might be able to use my experience to give the new team some “on the ground” help.  Perhaps help them to balance the many responsibilities with the privilege of serving God in such a beautiful place.


Please pray for Christians in France.  Justin and I and the group from  Ohio were able to worship with the Believers at the small Grace Church in Macon a few days before we left.  I also had the privilege of a meal  with the Pastor and his wife, which gave us hours to talk, and later had a long conversation with one of the elders. There are very few Christians in France and the culture does not encourage them in their spiritual walk, so they greatly appreciate your prayers for them.

Chateau Roof (Justin 2nd from left in back row; Marlin 3rd from left in back row)