What I Learned…Steve Weaver Reflects on the Philippines

Steve Weaver recently returned from the Philippines. Be sure to check out the previous posts about his trip with his Lancaster Bible College Journey Team. I asked him to summarize for me a few of the things he learned. Have you considered what God might want to teach YOU through a short-term missions experience? Thank you for investing in people like Steve!


It has been almost a week since I have returned home from my trip with LBC to Boracay, Philippines and I have been processing my trip throughout this week. This trip has impacted me in a huge way and taught me a few things. I was able to meet some amazing people who are serving the Lord faithfully in the Philippines. I met children who were filled with so much joy despite having so little. I had the opportunity to help in construction and sports ministry while on my trip. I will enjoy sharing in the future joy and ministry that come from the places we worked and served at. God used the people I met and the things I had the opportunity to do to teach me some things about serving Him and living for Him:

  • God showed me how blessed I am living in America and how ungrateful I am for all of the things I have, big and small.
  • I do not feel called to missions but I believe God showed me the love and passion He has placed in my heart for people of the world.
  • The coolest thing that God showed me was that the gospel message is being spread all around the world. We were told that ministries in the Philippines were equipping Filipino missionaries to reach people in the Middle East. God is making His name known all over the world! Will you join in the mission?

Thank you to everyone who supported me financially and through prayer!