Zach & Rachel Update

Zach & Rachel Peters are in Europe working with a ministry connected to the St. James Way, or Camino de Santiago. (Read more about the Camino and their trip HERE)! The team departed from Philadelphia Monday evening. Tuesday’s big goal was to “stay awake”, which was easy to accomplish as it was a national holiday in Portugal. The team did some sightseeing in Lisbon and concluded their evening with dinner with Encompass missionaries there.

Lisbon, Portugal

The team is doing some projects to support ministries in Portugal before they begin their trek on the Camino. Wednesday was spent doing a work project for a home that houses children with AIDS in Lisbon. After lunch, the team caught a train to Porto, where they will meet up with a Portuguese minister named Abel. Abel runs a hostel among the Portuguese route of the Camino, so the team will be exposed to his ministry and be “oriented” in preparation for their journey, where they will meet pilgrims from all over the world.

Today they were traveling to Spain to begin their 100-mile walk on the most popularly traveled route, the “French” way. Please continue to pray for Zach, Rachel, and the team as they prepare to walk and share their stories with those they meet. Check back as we will keep the blog updated on their progress!

Rachel & Zach on the train to Porto, Portugal.