An Urgent Need for Another Worthy Summer Investment



Grace Church has partnered with Camp Conquest (in Denver, PA) for decades. We currently support the camp ministry through missionary support for Brady Graham, as well as through many volunteer hours! In fact, the camp depends on 26,000 volunteer hours every year!

In 2007, Grace Church of Lititz gave 9,488 volunteer hours.

In 2010, Grace Church of Lititz gave 7,698 volunteer hours.

In 2013, Grace Church of Lititz gave 6,297 volunteer hours.

The summer camp season is almost here, and there is an URGENT need for counselors! The camp ministry is growing, and there are children who may have to be turned away if the need for counselors is not met! There are also needs for kitchen staff, maintenance, mowing, and program help. So please consider investing some hours – or an entire week – into children through a unique and extremely effective ministry that will have eternal impact!

You can sign up to volunteer AND check out a volunteer story (OF SOME FACES YOU MAY RECOGNIZE) HERE.

Brady Graham and his Special Friend at Camp Conquest