OBI in the Ati Village

Below is a personal update from Jade Landis, leader of the 2014 Operation Barnabas International team! Please continue to pray for them as they are just beginning their weeks of ministry in the Philippines. If you missed the last update, click here.

Note: We will not be posting every update we receive from the team. If you’d like to see more pictures and stay updated with the team’s happenings, sign up for their email updates here or check their blog here.


July 2:

Good Morning from Boracay! God has been so faithful and our team arrived to Boracay Tuesday morning after 48 hours of travel. Leading a team of 7 teenagers through customs and immigration was definitely difficult but each of them did extremely well. Our first day here was spent relaxing and then a feeding site. Feeding sites are where we go into a village and play games, sing songs, teach a bible story, feed, and clean the wounds of the children there. It has been a highlight of each of my trips! Yesterday our team was able to get our first glimpse of manual labor and construction here. We worked hard to move and level the dirt beside their basketball court. They currently have a half court built and are working towards building the other half. Our job is to work to move and level that dirt so that they can finish building. Our team worked extremely hard but it was most rewarding when a few of the children joined us after they were out of school.

With each of my trips I find myself loving this culture more and more. One of the greatest things about the Filipinos is their generosity. Though they have so little, they are so quick to give. Not only do they give materials but they give of their time. In America our time is so precious to us so we struggle to give it to those around us. This is not the case in the Philippines! They want to get to know you and they want to help you. It is a daily challenge to me to be a person who is quick to give of my time and resources to those around me! Thank you for your prayers. Please continue to pray for our physical health as the days are long and hot. And continue to pray for wisdom as I lead this team both logistically and spiritually. Thank you for your support!


There’s No Place Like Lititz!

We did it! Grace Church has 130 individuals helping with the 4th of July celebration in Lititz! Some of those individuals are serving in multiple places, too! Between donations, float construction, parade volunteers, Munchkinland KidZone volunteers, greeters, and food venders, Grace Church is going to do some serious loving on our community this week! Look for Grace Church in the parade tonight, and be sure to bring friends with you – our team will be handing out 5,000 treats with a sweet deal for guests who will visit our church in July! Then, come on out to the festivities in Lititz Springs Park all day on Friday! There’s no place like Lititz!

Check out more details at the 4th of July website HERE!


Urgent Need

Camp Conquest is still in need of help for summer camp!

Please consider serving close to home by spending a week with kids at camp! We don’t want to deny kids a week of hearing the Gospel (some for the first time), discipleship, and fun due to the fact that there aren’t enough counselors! For more info about Camp Conquest, click here.

Camp Conquest – Critical Staff Needs:

July 5 (2PM) to July 11 (8PM): One Male Counselor, One Female Counselor, One Kitchen Helper

July 12 (2PM) to July 18 (8PM): Two Female Counselors, One Kitchen Helper

July 19 (2PM) to July 25 (8PM): Four Female Counselors, Two Kitchen Helpers

If you are available to help, please call Ken Keener at 717-368-6413 or Camp Conquest at 717-336-2541

Still need convinced??

I have volunteered at Camp Conquest since moving to this area 12 years ago.  It is not an easy job by any means but it is very rewarding.  It is hard to explain unless you have been there and experienced it yourself.  The bond of friendships formed there are unparalleled in any other area of my life.  One of my favorite parts that has been included in recent years are the verse cards.  The campers are so excited to have the adults listen to the verses they have learned. There is just something about watching a young boy or girl reciting God’s word and hiding it in their hearts.  I get a little misty eyed each time.  Please, if you have any thought that God might be calling you to this, please don’t hesitate to go for it.  It is a great short term mission trip and it is very close to home. -Mona Graham