Painting in the Rain: an OBI update

Jade Landis is busy leading a team of students through Operation Barnabas International in Boracay, Philippines. Please continue to pray for Jade and the students as they continue their ministry. If you missed the last update, check it out here!


Here is the most recent email update:

July 7

Sorry for the delay in the update as the internet was not working again. But please enjoy your long awaited update from Rachel!

Hello! Waking up to another downpour, the team met for devotions and finished reading James 1. We learned that as a team we need to be “quick to listen, slow to speak, and slow to become angry” (James 1:19), especially since the weather has been discouraging and our plans often get changed. We were originally going to carry rocks and sand to mix cement for the Ministry Center on Boracay, but those plans changed about 20 times before we were assigned to paint a classroom at the Ati school on Panay.


I was really excited to go there because we hadn’t seen the kids in two days, but when we arrived the school had already been canceled due to the rain. We finished the entire room and it looks great! I played volleyball afterwards with a group of girls who were there, and the guys played basketball. Despite the fact that the feeding site we were supposed to go to was canceled, I enjoyed the time I spent with the kids at the school. Our team and the California team headed back, mostly soaking wet, but with a few smart people wearing ponchos (they may have been smart, but they also looked ridiculous).

Back at the Vista House, we sat around and played cards like we always do (someone save me).  Now I’m writing this, and we’ll close out today talking about each of our favorite parts of the day. Mine was hands down playing with the Ati girls, laughing with them and getting to know their names. Seeing joy in their faces and giving them hope makes me forget that I’m tired, dirty or soaked. I just can’t wait until tomorrow! 🙂