Good Morning from Haiti

Grace Church’s Haiti ream arrived safely in Port-au-Prince yesterday! Below is an update from the Haiti team; sent this morning! Please continue praying for the team and check in regularly for more updates! (Didn’t know we sent a team to Haiti?… check out more details here and here!)

Good morning Grace Church!
It is beautiful and refreshingly COOLER this morning. We are all doing well and happy to be in Haiti. Yesterday was a “roll with it” day as we made it to Port-au-Prince, but we missed our flight to Cap. There was a change in the flight schedule, “a month ago”, but the airport staff didn’t let us know that when we booked our flight! So, for whatever reason, God kept us in PAP, in air conditioning, until 4. He always knows and has a reason. The team rested, bonded, and watched futbol highlights of the World Cup. Our Haitian friends were glad to see all of us once we arrived, and so the adventure begins! Playing with the kids, futbol, taking photos and just paying attention to all was the rest of our night. No air conditioning to sleep, as the generator could not handle too much last night. Sleeping was like summertime as a kid: fans, HOT, and sweaty!!  Welcome to Haiti!!! Thanks for praying and sending a team!

haiti 2