Understanding Joy: a Philippines update from Jade

Jade Landis will be home this Friday after weeks of ministry in Boracay, Philippines. The Lord has been working through her OBI team, and lives have been changed forever. Please be praying for the remainder of their trip as they wrap up their ministry in the Philippines. Also, pray for their travel coming home…it’s a LONG trip and they will be exhausted!

July 10

Boracay is one of the most beautiful places that I have ever been but what makes it so beautiful is the joy within the Filipino people. Having been here 3 times I learn something different about the people and the culture. This time the Lord has really been teaching me about joy. The Filipino people have great joy that comes as a result of their relationship with God and their relationships with others. Yesterday my OBI students put on a puppet program at a feeding site for some of the children. The neat thing was that they organized their feeding site on this specific day because they knew that foreigners could come and put on a puppet show. I have never seen children get so excited for puppets!! It was so encouraging to see how joyful these people were and I know it is only because they truly understand. They understand that God loves them even though they don’t have the material things that we often use to describe God’s love for us. They understand God’s love because of what He has done in their lives and not because of what He has given them. This is such a challenge to me as I look at my own life. Too often we describe God’s love in materialistic manners but the truth is that God loves us because we are His children. May we never forget the great love that God has for us!


Thank you for prayer for the OBI team and for me as I lead. We have been here for a week and a half and only have 5 days left on the island of Boracay before we head to Manila. Please be praying that God would continue to break our hearts and that we would share the Gospel with those we come in contact with. We would also like to ask for a prayer for one of the Filipinos we have met. Jazer is the individual who drives us to the Ati Village everyday but just last week his wife got really sick and got transferred to a hospital at the other end of the island. She is in need of a blood transfusion and many of the staff at the Ati Village are going to go give blood for her. Please be praying that God would provide healing and that financial support for the large hospital bills would be provided as well. Thank you for joining us in prayer for our Filipino brothers and sisters!


July 14

Sundays in the Philippines are always a day of joy, precious moments, and memories that last a lifetime and this Sunday was no exception! It began with a church service at Pastor Peter’s church where OBI was able to put on a little program and share the Gospel. My students did incredible and you could see the way that lives were touched! When I returned to my seat it was filled with 8 Filipino children that sat on my lap. Even though it was incredibly hot I allowed them to sit on my lap and move in very close to me on either side. As we sat there we sang worship songs together and they all just sang at the top of their lungs. It was so incredible to worship our great God together and the picture is one that brought tears to my eyes!

OBI 10 OBI 11

Our afternoon was then spent at the Malindog Ati Tribe in the mountains. There we got to hike to a waterfall and as we hiked there we were accompanied by 20-30 Filipino children. They jumped off the cliffs with us, swam with us, laughed with us, and spent time creating memories with us. It was one of the most beautiful places I have ever been not only because of the physical location of it, but also because of the people who were there with me. There is nothing more encouraging than building relationships with the Filipino people even if there is a language barrier. God’s love that shines through us breaks down any language barriers and allows deep relationships to be built. I fell asleep on Sunday realizing how blessed I am to be here experiencing these things and building wonderful relationships! God is so good and continues to use this OBI team in great ways! Thank you for your continued prayers!

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