Stories, Songs, and Shaving Cream: ministry in Haiti continues

Here is a summary of the first two days of ministry in Haiti from Steve and Shelly Lutz, leaders of the Haiti team. We will try to update you as much as possible; this relies on the not-so-dependable wi-fi down in Haiti! They are accomplishing so much already; please continue to pray for this team as they continue their Vacation Bible School and ministry with the locals!

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Great first day of VBS with kids.

Had total of 60 kids (40 house of hope) as many came in from surrounding neighborhood to join in. Fortunately we had extra supplies!

Singing, Bible stories, and a fun skit about Jesus calling his disciples made the children laugh out loud (ask Kegan & Tyler about the fish!).

haiti 9

Much fun was had by the kids making their own t shirts with their names & “ap swiv Jezi” (will follow Jesus) painted on front and Prov. 3:5&6 on the back.

Karolina making her shirt
Karolina making her shirt

A beautiful banner made by team member Alex Shelley which has our theme verse in Creole – Proverbs 3:5&6 – was decorated further with paint hand prints of each of the children. This will be left at the orphanage to decorate their pavilion and remind them of VBS & this important verse throughout the year. We were thrilled to learn that they had already memorized this verse before we came!

haiti 11 haiti 14

The day was capped with team time at dinner, planning for Tuesday’s VBS, then a soccer game in the yard of the Bible Institute.

So far all are healthy and we are praising God for his protection and blessings.


Thanking God for another great day of ministry in Haiti!

The day started again with special singing with the children. This was followed by a rousing interpretation (team skit) about Joshua and the battle of Jericho.

Special sharing time with the kids followed. They asked us many questions and they shared thoughts about the team coming. We were overwhelmed by the outpouring of love from the children. They commented on how the teams that have come over the last two years have made them feel loved. They said how they look forward to our coming for months in advance! One even said he forgets to eat that he is so excited to have the Lititz team come back again. Looks like we better make plans to do this again next year!

haiti 17 haiti 19

We reviewed our theme verse, Prov 3:5&6, again with the children. This time the team was taught by the children to say the verse in Creole! We did very well – they said!

We had fun playing games with the children in the afternoon. These games included a rowdy shaving cream relay game and fun in the field with a parachute. The kids loved it! Many laughs and smiles were had by all!

haiti 13

 End of day 2 and the team is already tired, but all healthy and in good spirits! We have a great team and all are getting along really well.

Thanks so much for your continued prayers. We are counting on them! You are here with us in the Spirit as we could not accomplish anything without His doing.

haiti 16 haiti 15