“Orevwa” for now!

Our Haiti team arrived safely back in the United States this past Saturday. They had an incredible week of ministry, and are already looking forward to planning another trip! If you missed their last update, click here. Otherwise, enjoy the last update from the Haiti team!

Thursday 7/17

Last day of ministry at House of Hope orphanage (sigh). Started the day off once again with singing and a fun lesson & skit about Jesus walking on water. The singing was loud and fast – the best of the week! The skit was a hit as Peter got all wet (thanks to Shelly!) when his faith wavered and he fell into the ocean. We have the children volunteer to be part of the skit each day and they love this. The children made up many of the disciples today!

haiti 30 haiti 32

Today was also a big Haiti vs America “World Cup” match. Kegan, Tyler and some of the boys took on some of the older boys. It was 7-6 going into the last minute but Haiti scored at the buzzer and it ended in a tie (no PKs!). Our translator, Kelly Joseph, made himself useful πŸ™‚ by spraying the boys with a hose during the game! Good thing, as it was so hot in this intense Haiti sun. It is so important to keep drinking here all day long!

haiti 34 haiti 35

Boni, Allison and Alex sat down in the exclusive House of Hope hair salon πŸ™‚ and after an hour each had corn rows to be proud of! The girls LOVE to play with long, American hair. It is just like having a doll to play with.

haiti 31

At last, the moment we (the team & the children) all dread – time to say “orevwa” (Creole for “goodbye”). Many tears were shed and many hugs exchanged between all the team members and the children. Some of the children were sobbing which just makes it that much harder to leave… We love these kids as our own family. It is so rewarding to come down here and bless them for a week each year, but it is equally difficult to say goodbye when it comes to an end. Old and new team members alike held on to hugs for as long as they could and shed many tears at the thought of saying goodbye. But in the end, we had to get back on the truck and move out.

haiti 29

A blessed week to be sure…the kids were challenged in their faith and encouraged to walk with Jesus 365 days per year. We had some good testimonies of how the kids (& the orphanage) are a witness to their community. This reminds me a a story I heard for the first time this week, and I must share it with you now…

Next to the orphanage there lived a voodoo priest. (If you do not know about voodoo in Haiti, just Google it. It is very popular in Haiti and is essentially the worship of evil spirits.) One day not too long ago, the voodoo priest approached Pastor Elysee (head of our ministry in Haiti) and asked him if he wanted to buy his land to add on to the orphanage property. Pastor Elysee said “no” we do not have the money but “thank you”. The voodoo priest persisted. He said “my house has been ruined by all this praying and singing that you do at the orphanage! Please take the property! You can give me the money some day whenever you have it – but just take it!” So, the orphanage has gained a nice little piece of land with a house that now serves as a home for some of the staff. Pretty cool, huh?

Please continue to pray for the Haiti team as they transition back into “normal” life. Also please pray that they would all stay healthy, as they were exposed to many different things last week!

Check back soon to hear some testimonies (and see more pictures) from the team members!