Seeking Direction and Spreading Love

Jane VanBuskirk has been coming to Grace Church for a little over a year. She is an active member in Grace Student Ministries, and serves on the GSM worship team. Jane will be entering into her senior year at Lititz Christian School this fall. She is involved in everything that requires singing and acting (plays, musicals, programs, yeah…you get the point). She also plays on the volleyball team.

Jane says that she has always known she wanted to be a nurse. With graduation less than a year away, she looks forward to attending Harrisburg Area Community College next fall for her RN degree. Then, she would like to become a nurse practitioner through Millersville University.

BUT, before we get too far into the future, Jane has an incredible opportunity to serve the Lord internationally next month! Keep reading to find out about her trip and ways you can be actively praying for her and she seeks the Lord’s leading in her life.


I will be going to the Dominican Republic from August 2nd to August 9th. I am going down with a team of twelve, including a variety of ages from teen to adult. We will be putting on a VBS for a Baptist church in Santo Domingo that the Lititz Church of the Brethren has previously connected with. We may also be traveling to San Juan.

I have been praying for a missions trip for a long time, hoping the Lord would present an opportunity to spread his love in a foreign place. I believe I have a passion for the mission field and was longing for a chance to see if the Lord had foreign ministry in His plan for me.

Over the last year, I had two opportunities to travel to Haiti fall through due to financial struggles. Nate Huber, a teen on Lititz COB’s Dominican Republic team, knew about this prayer and passion of mine for a missions trip. When he found out about this trip, he reserved a spot for me on the team.

Please join me in prayer for the following requests:

I pray that the Lord makes it clear if he has the mission field in His plan for me. Either way, I pray that I can clearly show His love to the children I will be ministering to. I pray that we have safe travels and no airfare complications. I pray the Lord subsides my anxiety for my first trip out of the country. I know He has a plan and I cannot wait to see what it is.

¬†Keep your eyes peeled for more updates regarding Jane’s trip!