“Loving On” Lititz

Over the past two months, churches in the Lititz borough have been working to show love to Lititz citizens by doing work projects for them. Grace Church was able to receive and complete three “Lititz Projects.” The first job to be completed is featured in a previous blog here!

Craig Peters, an attendee of Grace Church since 2005, has a passion for completing all those little “fix-it” problems that many people consider a nuisance. When asked to lead two of our Lititz Projects, he was excited to have the opportunity to use his talents and interests to bless others in the Lititz community.

The first of two projects was for a man named Daniel. It had been months since Daniel had hot water, and he was waiting for someone who would be willing to install a new hot water heater. Craig was able to not only give Daniel hot water again, but also solve some other problems lingering in the house. (Shout out to Marlin Weaver for helping one night!) Craig, Sherrie, and Rachel were also able to hear some of Daniel’s life story through the few different interactions they had. When Craig called to check on the status of the hot water this past Friday, Daniel was so appreciative for the work that had been done. Have you stopped recently to be thankful for hot water?

lititz project3

You know how it’s said, “If you want to get something done, ask a busy person.”? Google shows Ben Franklin and Lucille Ball as having said that. Although it seems logical that Ben Franklin would have, I guess I’m living the Lucille Ball version.

I have had God’s help through enough situations, even though I at-the-time had not acknowledged it, to know He does have our best interests in  mind. That also includes when things don’t go as WE have planned it.

This was the case with the first project I accepted. While thinking this would be a two-visit job, one to assess and one to do all the work, it ended up being a four-visit. As the work was in a confined space, in a cubby-hole off the side of a small closet just big enough (or should I say small enough) to slide the hot-water heaters in and out of, the project expanded to accommodate a few other issues.

On the fourth visit, after praying for God to make all things align and get everything to go well, God provided. I was so thankful for a dear friend who’s knowledgeable in a multitude of repairs, who was willing to look at and hopefully see something I was missing.

I was, actually, trusting in the visible when the proof came through a simple test …and NOT in the visible. Can you see how this can apply to people in this world? Faith only in the visible, when we have seen tests and outcomes needing to prove validity?

God has again stretched me, yet He has and always has been faithful. Validity of God’s faithfulness AND oh how He has blessed me again, through this “test” and its outcome.  So if you think you’re too busy to do something to bless another, be ready to be blessed more.  I am thankful, again, to have had this opportunity in feeling so blessed. Did someone say “Priceless!”?   -Craig

The second project was for a woman named Marlene. In a time span of only about one hour, Craig and Rachel were able to do a few smaller projects including cleaning out gutters, installing a gutter guard, and caulking the front steps. These few things were able to help Marlene is a big way, and “it didn’t even feel like work!” Do you have one hour to spare?

lititz project2

We LOVE when people get to serve others by doing things that they enjoy. God gives each of us unique passions and interests and we have the opportunity to glorify Him when we use them in His name. Keep checking back regularly to hear about ways that YOU can get involved!