Reaching Communities…Near and FAR

Dublin Ireland (1)

Grace Church serves as the sending church for Scott & Rebekah Becker and their family, who are currently serving in Dublin, Ireland! In a recent update, they shared the many ways that they are connecting with people in their community through their ministry at the Crossroad Center, a shared facility that has become a hub for many locals. While they have a weekly church service in the facility, many other things take place under the Beckers’ leadership:

  • Clothing swaps where people can swap old clothes for new ones; this fulfills a need by providing clothes for young families with growing children
  • Spanish classes for children. This is an opportunity to engage with parents who are having a cappuccino, latte or tea, while waiting for their kids as they learn Spanish.
  • Parent and toddler play mornings where there is time to build relationships and engage with the needs of the families attending.
  • Boys and girls clubs meetings for contact making, teaching and training.
  • Bible Studies one-on-one, and in small groups without interruption.
  • Marriage courses and pastoral counseling where couples come to bolster their marriage.
  • Christian Bikers Association prayer meetings.
  • Monthly family film nights in a safe environment, where the message of Christ is so often clearly spoken through the films.
  • Monthly international meals showcasing the countries of the world as represented in Dublin, giving us opportunities to share Christ with many who would not otherwise get to hear the Gospel

Please continue to pray for the Becker’s and their ministry in Dublin, Ireland!

“Merci Mingi”: A Thank you from the Central African Republic

You may remember hearing about the crisis that is going on in the war-torn country of Central African Republic (CAR). Earlier in 2014, Grace Church joined forces with many churches and individuals around the world who came together to donate 1,000,000 pounds of food and supplies for relief efforts. Check out previous posts HERE and HERE.

We just received another great “thank you” video about the help we sent. Please use this as a reminder to pray for our brothers and sisters, and for our orphans, who continue to deal with the devastation that is occurring there.