Grace Church Students Serving in Chi-town

Take a look around you on a Sunday morning – 1 in 10 people – that’s how many are at Momentum Youth Conference from Grace Church this week. Our group joined more than 2,000 other teens and youth staff in Wheaton, IL, just outside of Chicago, for the #bestweekofsummer! 🙂

CE National, who sponsors Momentum has a long-standing philosophy, that if a group that size is going to gather to worship Jesus and grow in their faith, it ought to have a big impact on the community. So in addition to daily outreach opportunities, today, the entire conference headed into Chicago to serve in the name of Jesus. Our students loaded our two coach buses and are doing work projects.

Please pray for them as they work – that they will have a great experience putting their faith in action, and that God will mold their hearts to become Christians who serve others in their daily lives! Pray too, that there will be significant impact for the cause of Christ through the thousands who are serving throughout Chicago today!

Friday’s Concert of Prayer for the Saturday Outreach
Bus # 1 Headed to Chicago to Serve
Bus #2 (including our awesome youth pastor – well, part of his head at least) Heading to Chicago
GSM Girls Working Hard!
You Go Girls!


Working? Not sure, but either way, it’s more fun with matching Momentum T-shirts!

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