Central African Republic Giving Update

We received a new update regarding the situation in the CAR this week. We decided to pass the entire update along to you rather than just a summary for two reasons:

  1.  Two of our orphan classrooms (hand-in-hand partnerships) are at a church in Bossangoa (mentioned in the report). It is very likely that this particular distribution is directly helping “our kids”.
  2. Check out how even in the midst of great crisis, our friends in the CAR are “on mission” sharing food and the Gospel with the nomadic Fulani people in their area!

 Please continue to keep these precious people in your prayers!


Dear praying friends,
Greetings to you and many thanks for all your thoughts and prayers for the people of the Central African Republic (C.A.R.). Below is an update on the security situation in the C.A.R. as well as on our efforts to provide food and seed to hungry people there. 


The situation in the Central African Republic continues to be a challenge. Regions that were hardest hit earlier this year are quieter at the moment, while areas that were quiet before are now experiencing war and unrest. The area of Bambari is being hammered right now, as the Muslim Seleka, who are seeking to divide the country, want to claim Bambari as its capital. Every day more villages in and around Bambari are being burned and most of the population has fled their homes for the relative safety of the savannah.


Last week, Emile, the president of the food distribution committee, wrote these words, which I pass on to you:

“We just finished the distribution at Bossangoa. At each of the churches where we distributed food, we encouraged them by telling them of the love of the family of Christ. At the Yaloke distribution, we gave food to the churches as well as to 400 Muslim herders (Fulani). We shared with the Fulani about Christ, telling them that the food that they are receiving is because of the love of Christ which moved people in C.A.R., USA, and the world to give. The Fulani received this message with joy, and were especially blessed because we gave them this food during their season of Ramadan. May God be glorified.”

We are nearing the end of this phase of food help to our friends in the C.A.R. There still remains about $50,000 that we hope we can hold on to since we hear that next year will be another hard year, although, barring another flare up of war, it should not be as hard in terms of hunger as this year was.
Next week we will be sending what may be our last update for the Africa Food Relief project. We will tell you then how you can stay connected with future Compassion Response projects that may come in the future.