Sharing their Hearts: Haiti Reflections

Almost one month ago, a team of 11 people from Grace Church traveled to Haiti to do a Vacation Bible School at House of Hope Orphanage. They had a great trip and were able to strengthen many relationships with the Haitian people. We asked a few of the team members to write a short summary and pick a picture to describe their experience in Haiti…

Jess, Alex, Steve, Shelly, Jenna, Alison, Dorene, Boni Ryan, Tyler, Kegan
Back Row: Jess, Alex, Steve, Shelly, Jenna, Alison, Dorene, Boni
Front Row: Ryan, Tyler, Kegan

Jess: Each trip back to Haiti is like a giant family reunion for me. The highlights are getting to strengthen friendships with my Haitian siblings, and being able to grow with them spiritually. Showing them that they are loved and that they are important is necessary, because that is how they learn to not only trust in God, but to also trust in others after being unwanted for part of their life.

haiti 44

Tyler: This trip was very successful because of all the lessons the kids learned from VBS. The seeds planted now will definitely benefit the kids’ walk with God as they grow up.

haiti 38

Jenna: This Haiti trip felt more normal. The kids were more natural, as if it were a normal day. Haiti has a very special place in my heart and my family’s hearts too. One of the kids wrote me a note that said, “I look at the stuff you gave me but it’s you that we really want here.” I’m already looking forward to next year.

haiti 36

Shelly: This trip was an extra emotional trip for me as a lot of the kids shared their hearts with us in a very personal way. I was humbled, blessed, and in awe of how much they love us and accept us as their family, which is something they just crave. We thought that we were giving to them, but in the end they gave us so much by way of washing our hands for us; lovingly and gently rubbing a sprained ankle; braiding hair; hugs and loving us. Leaving is becoming harder and harder!

 haiti 37

Boni: In Haiti, I  think a learned a little bit more what true, agape love is: Love is an 18 year old boy just holding a toddler because she wants to be held. Love is cradling a tiny baby with no diaper (and feeling the “warmth!”) Love is a 15 year old boy calling you his “mamma” simply because you loved on him, taught him to play UNO, and medicated and treated his injured foot. Love is having 3-4 children with dirty hands braid your hair and then you painting their dirty little toenails in return. Love is having another 3-4 children all trying to wash the paint off your hands and even cleaning under your fingernails. Although they only get 2 simple meals a day, LOVE is a group of 45 children silently watching you eat your lunch because they know that once you are re-energized… you will be ready to love on them and play with them again!

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Alex: Just a short five days with the children and staff at House of Hope orphanage completely transformed the way I saw the world around me. Though the people are living in such deep poverty, they are some of the happiest people I have ever met and spending time with them showed me that God’s love is more powerful and worth more than anything here on earth.

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Ronaldin and I used this picture to officially thank all who supported our team financially to make this trip possible. Especially for the funds to purchase French Bibles!
Ronaldin and I used this picture to officially thank all who supported our team financially to make this trip possible. Especially for the funds to purchase French Bibles!

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