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HISTORY LESSON (Cliff notes version):

  • About 2000 years ago, God expresses His love for sinful mankind by sending His Son, Jesus, to earth.
  • Jesus proves He’s God while living a perfect life, then coming back to life after being brutally murdered for sinful man.
  • Through this, Jesus becomes THE WAY for ALL OF MANKIND to be in relationship with God for all of eternity (rather than being doomed to separation from God for all of eternity).
  • Before Jesus returns to Heaven, He gives his followers a job – TELL EVERYONE THE GOOD NEWS!

Which brings us to NOW. When we choose to follow Jesus – accepting His free gift of salvation – He doesn’t swoop us off to Heaven! He leaves us here because He wants us to bring others with us. He wants the WHOLE WORLD to know how much He loves them.

Grace Church takes this job seriously! And this Sunday night we are going to celebrate what God is using our church to do – to reach people all over the globe with the GOOD NEWS!



  • To visit 9 tables representing people who have been ACTIVE in sharing the GOOD NEWS this summer!
  • To hear from the Haiti team who just returned a few weeks ago!
  • To consider a short-term opportunity to share the GOOD NEWS cross culturally!
  • To eat some yumm-o food!
  • To try and win a gift card to an “international” establishment!
  • To hear what God is doing through one of Grace Church’s new partners!
  • To receive a free gift that will help you more effectively engage in sharing the GOOD NEWS globally!
  • To buy an AWESOME MOTHCO (more than conquerors) shirt to benefit Urban Hope!
  • To participate in a prayer time for every single country in the world!


  • This Sunday, August 17
  • 6 – 8 p.m.
  • Grace Church Café!

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Urban Impact (Part 2 of 3)

As part two of our Urban Impact series about Urban Hope Training Center, we decided to interview Samuel Bernhardt. Samuel just graduated from Lititz Christian School and will be heading off to Messiah College next week! If you were in church this past Sunday, you heard a little bit about what Samuel has been doing to impact the world around him, and more specifically, Urban Hope! If you want to read another example of how you can use your God-given abilities to be “on mission,” keep reading!

Describe your involvement in/with Grace Church.

I grew up there pretty much. It was my school and my church so I was there 6 days a week. I started going to youth group as soon as I could and got involved in the worship band. That of course led to playing in “the big service.” I also was involved with LEaD and went on a trip to Haiti with the church.

What talents/skills/passions has God given you that make MOTHCO possible and when did you begin to pursue those things?

I feel God has given me a passion for creating and dreaming. Within those passions, he’s given me the talents of design and nerdy computer skills. I began to see these talents and passions translate as I started high school and was asked to design more and more things for people (t-shirts included). However, with the experience I’ve gained and the culmination of my passions and gifts – funneled through the lens of making an impact for Christ – More Than Conquerors Clothing seemed natural.


Right from Romans 8:37, MOTHCO is a shortened version of MOre THan COnquerors, a nickname if you will…

Kaylynn Bert and Samuel Bernhardt, Co-Founders of MOTHCO

Describe the first round of shirts.

Given that Mothco’s start up seemed natural to my gifts and abilities, the purpose is what makes what we do special I think. Originally More Than Conquerors Clothing was a fundraiser for two parents in the Lititz Christian School family. One being Bill (who has three daughters at the school) diagnosed with stage 5 pancreatic cancer I believe, and the other being Kathy (who has one daughter at the school) who was diagnosed with lymphoma. Both of these diagnoses were found out on the same day for most people, and thus, we were hit with shock. We felt we needed to do something. It wasn’t something we could ignore. We needed to provide encouragement to the families – the shirts were a way to do that, twofold. Primarily, it was a fundraiser, so financially we were just hoping to provide some extra dollars. Secondly, there was a non-financial encouragement we strove for. This came through the theme and the name More Than Conquerors, but also through the unity that developed when the students and parents actively bought and wore the shirts.

Why Urban Hope for the second round?

As the first fundraiser came to a close, we knew we would have loved to do it again, but for something else. As the next school year came to a close, however, Urban Hope popped up in our minds. Kaylynn Bert, who helped start the first round, had just gone there and was telling me all about the awesome people, and the ministry’s financial needs. To us it seemed like a fit. It was something my friends and church were very passionate about and we knew they could use some financial help, no matter what size it came in.

How much money have you raised for UHTC?

Our big push for fundraising was at Momentum, where the shirts were on sale for only four days. In those four days, however, we raised $1,500.

How can we get involved?

Buy a shirt! We sell shirts. It’s what we do. So, in order to sell shirts, we need people to buy them. Boom. Logic.

What is your plan for the future of MOTHCO?

Honestly, I’m not sure. I’ll be heading off to college soon, and at this point, I’m not planning on quitting school to make Mothco into a full out business, but I think it’s definitely something that can operate with a few willing hands and a few willing hearts. Future future plans….I’m really not sure. We’ll see what God lays on my heart. So yep, there’s my top secret business plan – trust God – He’s a pretty trustworthy guy.

For more information, pictures, or to BUY A SHIRT, go to!

Oh and…watch this super cool video…

<p><a href=”″>Mothco Clothing Lookbook 2014</a> from <a href=””>More Than Conquerors Clothing</a> on <a href=””>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>