You do NOT want to miss this event!


HISTORY LESSON (Cliff notes version):

  • About 2000 years ago, God expresses His love for sinful mankind by sending His Son, Jesus, to earth.
  • Jesus proves He’s God while living a perfect life, then coming back to life after being brutally murdered for sinful man.
  • Through this, Jesus becomes THE WAY for ALL OF MANKIND to be in relationship with God for all of eternity (rather than being doomed to separation from God for all of eternity).
  • Before Jesus returns to Heaven, He gives his followers a job – TELL EVERYONE THE GOOD NEWS!

Which brings us to NOW. When we choose to follow Jesus – accepting His free gift of salvation – He doesn’t swoop us off to Heaven! He leaves us here because He wants us to bring others with us. He wants the WHOLE WORLD to know how much He loves them.

Grace Church takes this job seriously! And this Sunday night we are going to celebrate what God is using our church to do – to reach people all over the globe with the GOOD NEWS!



  • To visit 9 tables representing people who have been ACTIVE in sharing the GOOD NEWS this summer!
  • To hear from the Haiti team who just returned a few weeks ago!
  • To consider a short-term opportunity to share the GOOD NEWS cross culturally!
  • To eat some yumm-o food!
  • To try and win a gift card to an “international” establishment!
  • To hear what God is doing through one of Grace Church’s new partners!
  • To receive a free gift that will help you more effectively engage in sharing the GOOD NEWS globally!
  • To buy an AWESOME MOTHCO (more than conquerors) shirt to benefit Urban Hope!
  • To participate in a prayer time for every single country in the world!


  • This Sunday, August 17
  • 6 – 8 p.m.
  • Grace Church Café!

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