Good-bye For Now

Rachel Peters has been working at Grace Church for the past several months, serving as a receptionist and as an assistant to the Pastor of Development & Deployment. If you’ve enjoyed reading this blog on a regular basis, you have her to thank! She has been coordinating and writing many of the posts you read. She even wrote this nice blog about herself (just kidding)!

Rachel has been a tremendous asset to our ministry, not only “assisting” in the areas of missions, outreach, compassion, etc., but fully engaging with her gifts and passions. She has served “above and beyond” her duties and the areas of her responsibility and we have made great progress in growing Grace Church’s engagement because of her work.

Please take the opportunity to wish Rachel well as she returns to Messiah College as a full-time student this Fall. She will be greatly missed, but we are confident we’ll be hearing from her often!

We love you Rach!

Rachel & her brother Zach "on mission" on the St. James Way in Spain this summer.
Rachel & her brother Zach “on mission” on the St. James Way in Spain this summer.