Africa Food Relief Update

The following is an update from Barb Wooler, one of our main contacts through Encompass World Partners for our partnerships in the CAR:

The situation in the C.A.R. continues to be challenging. A month ago an agreed-upon ceasefire fell apart in days, rejected by Seleka rebels. Then two weeks ago, the C.A.R. president’s efforts to appease Seleka by appointing the nation’s first Muslim prime minister was also rejected out of hand.

But our efforts to bless civilians caught in the crossfire continue. Below are two prayer requests, the second one being a report of a joint food/seed project our giving has helped make possible.

CAR food relief 5
A truck-load of love in the form of freshly harvested corn, beans and manioc.

Prayer Requests
1 – URGENT PRAYER is needed for the Committee in the C.A.R. that is making another trip to the north of the country. The committee president just sent this request:
“Tomorrow (Monday, August 18) we will travel to Bozoum and Paoua to distribute more food, seed and tools. On Wednesday the committee fasted and prayed for this one-week trip, and we ask our friends around the world to please join us in praying for security. We will report back when we return and send photos.”

2 – Praise God and continue to pray for an on-going project our giving made possible. A couple months ago, missionary partners Roy and Aleta Danforth were able to provide seed to many local farmers, who planted it and which is now being harvested and used to help needy people.

car food relief 7
Local farmers harvesting cowpeas to distribute to hungry families.

Last week, Roy and Aleta wrote, “[We have] embarked on a project raising corn, peanuts, and bean seed to then distribute to refugee groups and other displaced people. This will help with immediate food needs AND provide a seed starter to encourage people to re-establish their own food security through their gardens. We are targeting refugees across the border as well as displaced people in Gamboula and many villages to the north. We have already collected harvests from CEFA’s (Center for Agricultural Training) own gardens as well as from many local villagers in CEFA co-ops.

“People receiving the food and seed are extremely thankful for the care, aid, and instruction we gave them. This has been a big encouragement to each of the communities we are touching. One woman shared her deep concerns, talking about the fact that they have no food to eat, just a few roots left in their gardens from when they fled. She pointed to their church, homes, and school that were burned to the ground and told the story of the day they were attacked. ┬áMany were injured; some were killed as they fled in terror.”

car food relief 6
Aleta giving beans and manioc to Muslim refugees in Cameroon.

Perhaps the neediest group the Danforths have been able to help are 100 Muslims (including Fulani) who fled to Cameroon. These are people the Danforths and Kim & Jan Cone (all former missionaries on Encompass’ team) have targeted for ministry and with whom they already have developed relationships. Roy writes, “Because of these people’s courage and willingness to forgive, they hope to return, which encourages us that reconciliation might someday happen. We are hoping to be a part of that process, by sharing God’s love and helping with whatever we can on both sides of the river.”

So once again I thank you for your prayers and giving that is making possible all this help to hurting people. PRAY that God will use our expressions of compassion to further His purposes in the hearts of these people, whom He loves and is pursuing.