Hand in Hand Orphan Schools

We received an update this week regarding our friends in the C.A.R. Please pass this along and be in prayer. Be sure to check out Hand in Hand Orphan School’s Facebook Page  as well as our prayer cards posted below.

Not much has changed with the ongoing war in the Central African Republic. There is still fighting and, almost daily, we hear of a new conflict resulting in innocent people losing their lives. Praise God for our Central African partners who continue to serve, sometimes risking their lives for the sake of the gospel!

2014-15 School Year

Even in the midst of the war, many of our Hand in Hand (HnH) Orphan Schools were able to meet for most of the 2013-14 school year. After a long discussion with HnH Coordinator Bouyette Emmanual and assistant Guidibe Jean, we have determined that all but 3 of the schools will begin the 2014-15 school year on the first day of October. Because last year was so chaotic, we have agreed to “redo” the 2013-14 curriculum. This will give our kids a chance to better absorb the reading, writing, and arithmetic as well as give our teachers another year to minister to our hurting, traumatized kids. In June, Emmanuel, Jean, and Marie Claire attended a two-week ‘Trauma Healing’ training. On September 23, they will gather all of our HnH teachers to share what they have learned in order to minister to our children who have suffered and experienced more than we even want to imaging. After the week-long training, teachers will return to their villages and school will begin the following Wednesday. Please pray for safety during meetings and for the teachers as they travel through some difficult areas in order to attend the training.

Boots on the ground in Bangui

Ginger Hock and Brenda Artrip will be traveling to Bangui in October to make sure all supplies are ready and are sent and things are rolling for our HnH Orphan Schools. WE hope to bring back lots of photos and stories to share with you.

Thankful for your prayers and partnership.

Ginger Hock & Brenda Artrip

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